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  KangGuo is a manufacturer specializing in fresh juice vending machines,ice cream vending machines and capsule coffee VM in China. We have been engaged in this business since 2012. Up to now, more than 3,000 KangGuo vending machines have been produced and they are distributed in more than 70 cities in China and 17 countries around the world( USA,Canada, Germany, France,India ,Korea,Malaysia,Saudi Arab,UAE,Qatar,Indonesia,Bolivia,Thailand…).We have obtained a variety of international certifications, such as: CE ,CSA,KIS and SGS.

  KangGuo Shoppingmall-4 Pro serial is the newest product of KangGuo orange juice vending machine. It represents the highest level of technology in this industry.The equipment is particularly stable.This model integrates a "smart cleaning" system. All the juiceing parts can be automatically cleaned. This reduces the frequency of replacing the juicer parts, greatly reducing the daily maintenance workload, improving operation efficiency.

  KangGuo “snow house” soft ice cream vending machine can produce 80 cups of ice cream at full load, can make two-color ice cream, add 2 kinds of topping materials by self-help, occupying only 0.6 square meters, fully automatic operation, stable and reliable, beautiful appearance, large output, double-cylinder keeping fresh, 7 days free wash, easy maintain.

  OneCapsule capsule coffee vending machine is the first capsule coffee VM in China. It uses Starbucks and Nestle Dolce Gusto capsule coffee. Fully loaded with 180 capsules, 20 flavors. It uses our proprietary patented technology. The machine is stable and easy to maintain. The capsule is small in size, easy to carry and replenishment is simple; the equipment is automatically cleaned and disinfected and so on.

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