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KangGuo orange juice on hot sales in Newtork

Since October 2017, KangGuo fresh orange juice vending machines come into the market of New York , they keep in hot sales. Freshly squeezing, visual squeezing process, 100% no added, clean,sanitary and fast ... ... Although the price:$ 5 / cup is not cheap, customers are still in droves. Sales also remained stable, continuing hot!

KangGuo orange juice vending machine supports the receipt and change of banknotes and coins, as well as various major credit cards such as VISA / Master / American Express / Discovery.



    Contact: Mr Kang

    Phone: 13601924521

    Tel: 4008208979


    Add: Building 2,No.280 Che Teng road,Chedun town,Songjiang District,Shanghai,China

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