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By comparison, you should know which is the best

With the release of the KangGuo ShoppingMall-3  VM which can squeeze more varieties of fresh fruit s, more and more customers realize that it is more stable and reliable. After many customers used Kangguole type-3 machine for some time, they added a new order. Among them, there are some customers also used other brands orange juice vending machine.The evaluation of these customers is the best description. Here are some users' Webchat screenshots.

This is Ms. Yang in Jilin Province. She bought a KangGuo shoppingmalls-3 orange juice vending machine and  deployed it in Century Plaza shoppingmall in Jilin City. Since February 2017, it maintained a high sales. The equipment has been running very well.

Above, Mr. Zhou has purchased six the so-called "fourth-generation fresh orange juice vending machines" produced by Shanghai  real fruit (上海真果) company. Because of their incredible high failure rate, he decided to abandon these shit devices.

After that, he found Kangguo machines.  After purchasing several KangGuo machines and using them for several weeks, he made a heartfelt admiration for the stability of KangGuo orange juice vending machines.

The figure is another customer: Ms. Fang in Jilin province. This is the WeChat conversation record. Before Ms. Fang uses KangGuo shoppingmall- vending machine, she used 3 juice VM produced by “咕嘟部落Excessive failure rate of “咕嘟部落”VMs led to her final return.  After using KangGuo ShoppingMall-3, she made a sincere compliment!



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