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2017 good start - Kampo shoppingmall- III Orange Juice vending machine exports to the United States & India

On the occasion of the Lunar New Year's arrival in 2017, we got a exported order for the Kampo Orange Juice vending machine: Kampo fresh fruit juice vending machine on behalf of the world's highest level is about to cross the sea and land to the Pacific coast city of the United States Los Angeles. At the same timethe third batch of exports of Indian machines also shipped at the same period.

The Kampo ShoppingMall-3 fruit juice vending machine is the industry's only automatic squeeze vending machine that can squeeze a variety of fruits: oranges, pears and citrus. Kampo ShoppingMall-3 machines have beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, strong performance, and can be seen fruit dropping and juice processing. ShoppingMall-3 machines have the following characteristics: high juice rate, high reliability, very few failures in operation, energy saving and environmental protection. It fully absorb the advantages of the ShoppingMall-1 machine and the ShoppingMall-2 machine. It is the fruit of the four years of hard research and development.

The Kampo ShoppingMall-3 machines was officially listed in early 2017, priority supply overseas.It can support multi-currency, VISA / MasterCard credit card and WeChat and Alipay and so on. Its price is very competitive and cost-effective, but also the domestic fresh juice machine industry only to obtain the CE and CSA certification.

Those ShoppingMall-3 machines that will be sent to the United States

Let the American people also taste the Chinese-made "fresh orange juice"

Those ShoppingMall-3 machines that were sent to India




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